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Maui Wedding Mehndi | Bridal Henna
Henna temporary tattoos are a fun and creative addition to Maui
event entertainment! Maui Temporary Tattoos provides beautiful
bridal mehndi designs for Maui weddings! We specialize in traditional
designs for Indian brides, and we offer discounts for henna parties,
so all your weddings guests can receive some mehndi as well! We
offer the highest quality work for very affordable rates.  We also offer
professional photography  so that you may preserve the memory of
your henna application. Please contact us to view more photos.

The "Night Of Henna" has been practiced throughout the world since at least 2100 BC in just
about any place where henna grew. Many religions and nationalities have embraced a day...
or sometimes days of  henna application for  the bride, groom and the wedding party.

Henna application has always been considered
a blessing of luck, joy, abundance and beauty!

We use all natural, non-toxic henna for all of our bridal mehndi! No "black henna" or other chemical
staining agents used. We mix our own henna paste with lemon juice, sugar
essential oils and lots of love. Our henna stains a very  dark red/brown for 1-3 weeks 
(depending on skin type, stain time and after care). Please contact us for our rates.

Maui Henna Artist - Maui Wedding Mehndi

Maui wedding henna
Maui Temporary Tattoos | Henna Maui ® , 2013
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Maui wedding henna
Maui wedding henna
henna Maui
Maui mehndi
Maui henna artist
Maui bridal mehndi
Maui bridal henna
Maui henna artist
Maui henna artist
Maui wedding henna