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What Is Jagua Fruit / Jagua Tattoos?
Jagua fruit pigment is 100% natural and non-toxic, and is made from the
Jagua fruit that grows in South American forests.  The Indians of the Amazon have been using jagua for centuries, as both a medicine and body cosmetic. Jagua has been used for both temporary tattoos, as well as the real-deal tattoo ink.

While Henna stains a red/brown/orange, Jagua stains a deep blue/black,
resembling a real tattoo! Jagua tattoos also last 1-2+ weeks on the skin.
How Do I Care For My Jagua Temporary Tattoo?
The temporary tattoos artist will draw/paint the jagua tattoo on your skin. After about 15 minutes the jagua will begin to dry. Once dry you can peel it off. At first the stain will be very light, but eventually will darken to a deep blue/black, looking just like a real tattoo!
jagua temporary tattoo
jagua temporary tattoo
jagua tattoo

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Maui Temporary Tattoos | Henna Maui ® , 2013
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jagua temporary tattoo
jagua temporary tattoo