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Henna is a tall, shrub-like plant that produces an orange, to red/brown dye. Henna has been used as a beauty cosmetic
since the Bronze Age. The henna dye produces a natural
temporary tattoo stain when applied on the skin. The leaves
of the plant  are ground into a powder, which can be made
into a paste. The paste creates a natural stain or pigment,
that has been used for time out of mind for clothing,
hair, the nails and skin. The art of applying henna to the body
is known mostly as mehndi, or henna  temporary tattoo art. 

What Is Henna? And What Are Henna Tattoos?
How To I Care For My Henna Tattoo?
*The henna artist will draw/paint the henna design on your skin. After about 10-15 minutes the henna will begin to dry and harden. To keep the staining process going, it is recommended to spritz the henna lightly with lemon water. The longer you keep the henna slightly damp on skin, the darker the stain. When ready to remove simply scratch or wash off. 

History Of Henna / Mehndi Body Art
Mehndi art has been practiced all over the world, by many different cultures. The Muslims fist introduced henna to the ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and other Indian cultures. These ancient peoples had been painting on the body for time out of mind, but were using a fruit stain from the Laksa tree. Henna proved much easier and plentiful to grow than Laksa, so very quickly Henna became a revered plant around the ancient world. 

 Henna was applied to the bodies of a bride and groom on their wedding night, for just about every nationality where henna grew. Devotees of henna application included Jewish people, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Zoroastrians (and many others). Henna application was practiced around the ancient world from Pakistan and North India,
to Mongolia, Rome, Spain, Morocco and Egypt. The Egyptian pharaohs of 5000 years
ago were even discovered to have had parts of their bodies tattooed with henna
before mummification. The application of Henna was regarded as having a blessing,
and has been applied for joy, luck and beauty.

 Henna dye can be used for many different purposes, including medicines, as a skin conditioner, clothing dye, hair stain, makeup, and of course temporary tattoos!
Henna tattoos can last anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on the skin type, henna strength, and location of the tattoo. Henna stains best on the hands and feet,
as our skin is most thick here, and henna stains best on callouses and thick skin.

Henna Maui - Maui Wedding Henna

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Maui baby shower
Henna Belly
Henna is generally safe for pregnant women!
As long as your skin was comfortable with essential oils before pregnancy, you should be
able to receive henna. This can be a creative way to celebrate your baby shower! We even offer free photography shoots so that you can memorialize your henna application!
Henna Belly
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